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Samurai Gestalt!

Function: Warrior

"Do what is right and you can never go wrong"

| Strength 10 | Intelligence 7 | Speed 7 | Endurance 10 | Rank 4 | Courage 8 | Firepower 10 | Skill 8 |

Razer is for the most part cool and calculating. He doesn't like being rushed for any reason, but will if it is necessary. Sometimes Dark Star's angry memories of the aliens that invaded his galaxy become so strong that it can fill Razer's entire being with rage. Unlike many other TF gestalts, the different competing personalities of his component parts work well together. It helps him to pick the best course of action. Sometimes Razer's behaviors demonstrate a distinct personality of one of his components.

Much as Razer posses the personalities of his component parts, he can also use their weapons. Razer utilizes Diamond Fire's flame-thrower/missile launcher combined with Scamp's photon-pistols that is attached to his right forearm at full power. He can call forth a large samurai sword that is stored aboard the LSS Freedom when not in use. He also has heavy training in the martial art of the Samurai and has some knowledge of ancient Samurai battle tactics but puts aside most of this knowledge for modern day technology. He also has two claws made from Ruse's blades that he uses in close combat.

Razer is in LONAC because each one of his component parts is. He doesn't really mind following orders from his superiors, but if Dark Star has specific plans for him, he will ignore all else.

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