Chapter 7: An end to the Misery

Maygier, Xeffen, and Formate then turned around and saw Sando. He was standing there with an axe. He was immediately restrained by some military troops.

"Make sure he doesn't get away this time" said Formate.

Yells were heard, but this time not by Sando. They came from the ship. The attention of everyone present was then drawn to the ship, just in time to see the two remaining troops on the ship be skewered by long sharp objects coming from inside the ship. Their bodies were then pulled into the ship. Maygier then gave Formate a very serious look.

"Destroy the ship" ordered Formate reluctantly.

The military then proceeded to open fire. As the ship fell to pieces, a shriek was heard, shrieks unlike anything heard on Minchiva. The creature emerged, firing what appeared to be energy balls, the same projectiles it fired at Rolco. When the creature apparently ran out of ammo, it then began to attack the military manually with its sharp claws and legs. The military's fire was now drawn towards the creature. Whatever it was, the creature was too strong for them. The military soon ran out of ammo. The creature was barely alive, but enough to still take more lives. The creature then disappeared into the darkness.

"Where the hell is it . . . where the hell is it?" Formate yelled frantically.

Just then it jumped up onto the communication console and tried to grab Formate who quickly dodged its grasp. Before the creature could try to attack again, it fell helplessly off the consul. Sando had planted the axe he was carrying into the creature's back. The military's attack was not in vein; the creature was too weak to resist. Sando kept hitting the creature until it was dead.

"You saved my life" Formate said thankfully.

"I'm sure you wouldn't have done the same for me, but you're welcome" Sando said as he extended his hand to Formate, who accepted it.

The military team was dead, the ship had been destroyed, but then again, the alien was dead.


Sando returned to the cryogenic lab carrying something with him the next day. Everyone in the lab greeted him.

"You're a hero" they all seemed to proclaim. They had heard about the events of the day before through news reports.

"I never knew a weakling like you had the drive to do something like that" Blackie said jokingly.

Sando dropped his head. "The pilot of the shuttle . . . he was a close friend."

Blackie suddenly got very serious. "Oh . . . " was the only response he could give.

"Well, I'm trying to get my mind off the whole thing. How's your class doing?" Sando asked hopefully.

Blackie laughed. "They've probably taught me more than I've taught them. There is a lot more to cryogenics than a few programs."

Blackie then noticed that Sando was carrying something. "What's that you've got with you?"

"A trophy" Sando replied as he presented the alien's head. "I was hopping you could take a look at it."

"Sure, I'll could look at it right here" Blackie said as he put it on the table.

"Anything you can find out about it would be great" said Sando.


Back at the building of "Exploration and Extra-Planetary Development," Maygier returns.

"Heard you've had a lot of excitement" the head scientist said.

"A little too much" Maygier replied as he sat down at his station.

"Well, the reports you gave me from the landing strip made me do some searching. I looked over the transmissions schedule for the past two months and found some kind of oddity in one of the signals" said the head scientist.

"Ah great, I don't need this right now" Maygier said seemingly ignoring his superior. "This damned radar is busted, just look at all that static."

The head scientist then dropped his facial expression. "That isn't static."

"Then what the hell is wrong with this radar?" Maygier snapped.

The head scientist replied "Nothing, it can only mean one thing . . . an invasion fleet."

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