Chapter 6: The Alien Emerges

"Captain Rolco didn't deserve to go like that, but at least he died a hero" said Rolco's second in command.

Just then a small military crew arrived.

"What's the situation?" asked the one apparently in charge. His name was Formate.

"My name is Xeffen. I'm the new commander of the emergency crew" Rolco's second in command said as he shook the hand of Formate. "We have a bit of a situation going on here."

"Rolco. . ." Formate said.

Xeffen cut him off. "Dead, along with two others in the shuttle. Something's in there, and it doesn't want anything to leave or enter the shuttle."

"Hmm, doesn't sound good. I'll have my teams surround the shuttle and then have a few of my squad enter it."

"To send someone in there is suicide" said Maygier. "Just destroy the shuttle. We've gotten everything we need from it."

"My job is to make sure there is as little destruction here as possible. Need I remind you that the shuttle over there is one of the most expensive in Minchiva's history?" replied Formate as he pointed to the shuttle.

"I know all to well what the shuttle and the mission cost. I'm sure I'd be fired if the head council heard me tell you to just blow up the shuttle." Maygier said angrily. "I don't give a damn what happens to me, but we have no idea how to handle that malicious creature."

"That's another good reason to not blow up the shuttle. If we can flush the creature out not only can we save the shuttle and firepower, but we could also study the creature. We could find out what makes him tick and where he came from. Who knows how many are out there just like it." Formate replied.

Sando gave his input. "I have to agree with Maygier. This thing is too dangerous to risk unleashing upon the public. The best course of action would be to blow up the ship and study whatever might be left of the creature."

Formate gave a quick glance at Sando then looked at his ID tag.

"I say the best course of action right now is for you to shut up and get the hell out of here. You have not authorization to be here" Formate scowled.

"I've lost one of my best friends because of that monster, and I'm gonna make damn sure that it is destroyed" Sando yelled at the top of his lungs.

"Get him out of here" Formate ordered his troops.

Sando ran away before any of the troops could get to him. The nearest troops tried to catch him but Formate said "never mind him, we've got more important things to worry about."

After the military troops had surrounded the shuttle, Formate gave the order for some of the troops to enter the shuttle. A total of five entered, two waited atop the shuttle while Formate monitored the events from his communication unit.

"Wow, pretty small in here for such an expensive shuttle" said one of the troops.

"Last time the creature hid in the engine room" replied Xeffen as he looked into Formate's communication console. Each troop had a small fiber optics camera in their uniforms.

"Check the engine room" ordered Formate.

"I don't see anything" one of the troops told him as he looked around the room.

"Their!" Xeffen told them. "I caught a glimpse of the monster last time I was in the shuttle. That's it folded up in the corner."

The nearest troop took a step forward and waved the others in. They raised their guns and pointed it at the object. Just as the troops took aim, the object jumped at them. Communications were lost instantly. The two troops on top of the shuttle then began firing their weapons at through a hatch at the top of the shuttle.

"I told you. I told you but you wouldn't listen. Nobody ever does until it is too late" yelled a voice from behind.

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