Chapter 32: The Final Battle

"Look, we need to use this ship to activate all of the satellites we've placed in orbit" Drill Master informed Cirrus.

"What the heck are you talking about?" Cirrus looked out of the ship. "What the heck is going on here? Where did you take this ship?"

"Look, it's a long story, just take us to Waitstate!" Drill Master said, losing his composure.

Cirrus reluctantly took them to the bridge. "Oh yeah, did I mention I'm the only conscious life form on this ship aside from you guys?"

Drill Master ran over the Waitstate. "Wake up, we need your help!"

After shaking Waitstate a few times he came around.

"What happened?" he asked.

"No time to explain in detail. We're trying to save what's left of this world and we can't do it without activating the satellites using this ship. If we don't do it soon they'll drift off into deep space!" Drill Master informed him.

Waitstate turned his back to Drill Master.

"Please, we need your help!" Drill Master pleaded.

Waitstate remained silent a moment longer then turned around and said, "okay, what do we need to do?"


Blackie flew through space. Unexpectedly, he soon met again with fire from the alien ships. He managed to evade a few shots, but eventually one hit his right wing. However, he flew on. As he flew to the Victory Arrow, he could sense that an end was near. Whether it was his end or the end of the aliens, he did not know.

Voices of Minchiva filled his head, voices he was not witness too.

"...This is shuttle 583. We've crammed the shuttle but there are still hundreds more out in this area..."

"…The first wave of attack has been sent and will engage the enemy in five minutes…"

Another hit struck the engine drive on his left side, causing energy to spew out.

"…Good, send out the second wave of fighters…"

The voiced tortured his soul. Spirits of everyone on Minchiva seemed to cry out at him all at once. He by all rights should have been among them. It was only by chance, the slight chance that a developmental technology saved his life. Even then, it should not have had the results it did. He should have been in a deep sleep; never to awaken unless found by a survivor of Minchiva who had studied the technology.

"Everything that seemingly should not have happened did. In some way, this gave Blackie hope. After all, his plan should not succeed.

"…Unknown 236…"

He only had four aliens to help him and an army of drones. Now the aliens he captured were stranded, and he faced an impossible amount of unseen alien attackers.

"…They've wiped out all life in that area…it's time to end evacuation efforts…"

Aliens, most responsible for the destruction of his planet, and only a few to help save it. How sad it was that those very beings he wanted to save were the only ones no longer involved in the battle. Blackie himself was no longer of Minchiva. He was part of another world, one that was responsible for his rebirth an allowed him to return.

Once more out of a barrage of shoots one hit the tip of his left wing.

"…Pull back! There are too many…"

There were too many aliens for him to handle. With remaining few blasts he made a clear path back to the Victory Arrow. He was stunned to see the LSS Freedom, he did not expect to see it again so soon. As he entered his ship, he diverted all power to communication devices.

Immediately a transmission was sent. "-you copy? Do you copy?"

"I made it back. The ship doesn't have much power left, if you can give me access to your computer systems I can activate-"

Cirrus protested. "Wait, you can't possibly let this guy fool with our ships systems! There's no telling what-"

"Enough Cirrus, I told them we'd help, and we will" Waitstate replied. "I'm patching you in now."

Lights on all of the ship's systems flickered off and on. Within moments, all of the active satellites and space stations were activated.

"What the heck is he trying to do?" Cirrus asked.

"Amazing, he's creating a grid of some sort, encasing the planet" Waitstate replied.
"But nothing is there, unless…" Cirrus began a series of procedures utilizing Blackie's signals. "Wait, remember when the guy invaded our ship?"

"Yeah, so?" Waitstate asked.

Cirrus began activating different programs and systems. "Well, assuming the same principles…"

Waitstate grew impatiently excited. "Yes? Yes?"

"Just watch" Cirrus replied.

Soon after having said that, a grid work appeared on the main viewing screen. Thousands upon thousands of alien shuttle silhouettes appeared on the screen. Soon the satellites were readjusted and the ships began falling. The ships tumbled into the planet's atmosphere helplessly.

"Incredible! But what's keeping the Free-" Waitstate was cut off.

The LSS Freedom was being pulled toward the planet's surface, as was the Victory Arrow.

"I am uploading all the vortex information I can to you right now. Activate your interphasic drive and space fold systems, once on board I will complete the sequence" Blackie reported.

Blackie left his ship in a very small shuttle. He was in no condition to fly by himself, and he needed the equipment.

"He'll never make it, there are too many obstacles. Waitstate, we need to pull out!" Cirrus shouted.

"Even if I wanted to we need him to get us out of here!" Waitstate shouted in reply.

A few ships scraped Blackie's.

"Unbelievable, he made it!" Cirrus shouted as he opened the docking bay doors.

The ship was pulling out. Full power was sent to the hyper-drive and space fold systems. Then the shields were activated.
The LSS Freedom jerked free. Will the crew was still trying to get up, the ship sped off. Once again the vortex was opened.

"Oh no, not again!" Waitstate shouted as everyone on the ship was knocked offline.


Everything was silent, but slowly everyone regained consciousness. The view screen showed that they had indeed arrived home.

"Everyone, get to the repair bay" Waitstate said.

Someone came rushing to the bridge shouting. "It worked, it worked!" shouted Diamond Fire.

"What are you talking about" Waitstate asked her.

"I caught a glimpse of the viewing screen before we went offline. Look!" Diamond Fire shouted excitedly.

Waitstate watched as alien ships fell to the surface of Minchiva. Every last ship had been pulled helplessly down in to what was for them a toxic atmosphere.

"So it really did happen," Waitstate thought to himself. "I want all of you in the conference room after repairs are complete."

Soon, all crewmembers entered, including Drill Master, Diamond Fire, Ruse, and Scamp.

Waitstate began his speech. "A lot has happened in the past few days. I know our visitors have requested to permanently join LONAC. Legalities will come later, but I thought you'd all like to meet them.

Drill Master stood up "I am Drill Master, former Decepticon, now one with LONAC."

Diamond Fire stood up "I am Diamond Fire, just a few days old but I'm learning fast."

Ruse stood up "I'm Ruse, Autobot outcast, now looking to be a part of LONAC."

Scamp stood up. "I am Scamp, left for dead by the Decepticons, now I wish to join you."

"What ever happened to your friend what's his face?" Waitstate asked.

"I thought he was on board, and you know, we never did ask his what his name was" Drill Master replied.

A voice came from no where, and a shadowy figure stood in the doorway. "I no longer have a place to call home, all that meant anything to me was destroyed. I am one with the darkness, the darkness that surrounds you in death. I can also be your greatest asset, should you choose to accept me." The shadow then stepped into the light, revealing him. "I am Dark Star."

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