Chapter 31: Help Arrives

Ruse was able to make contact with Backie via satellite five. "This is Ruse, do you copy?"

"Affirmative, what's your status?" Blackie asked.

"The Victory Arrow has had it, we're stuck" Ruse replied.

Blackie did not plan on such a seemingly obvious outcome. "The journey through the vortex took a greater toll than I thought. Stay at your position, I will return when I have completed my mi-"

Blackie was cut off; satellite five had crashed into one of the many cloaked ships.

"Slag, we're sitting ducks out here! I'm gonna die a second time, only now I'm with a bunch of strangers on an alien ship!" Scamp said in a distressed manor.

Diamond Fire was getting slightly perturbed by Scamp's behavior. "Scamp, if you'd stop your complaining maybe we could work on a plan."

Scamp was enraged. "A plan? A plan? We're stuck out on the edge of the damned universe with no way to get home even if we live forever and you're thinking we might be able to come up with a plan?"

Drill Master put his hand on Scamp's shoulder to calm him down. "Look, there is no need to yell at her, I'm sure our captor will get us back."

"He better, or Primus help him if he dares to come back without a (Scamp looks at Diamond Fire and sarcastically says) 'plan.'"
"What does he plan to do after he gets all of these satellites deployed and active?" Scamp asked.

"We'll just have to wait and see" Drill Master calmly said.

Flying though space to get to the necessary space stations, Blackie wove in and out of seemingly open spaces. He somehow knew where all of the alien ships were. The aliens didn't see him as a threat, and do to his circling patterns and no life signs, they assumed he was a satellite, one that they would destroy when needed.
As he set the proper programming and directed his drones to reach certain areas that he no longer could, he thought how far he had come in just a matter of what had seem to be just a few days. His planet had been turned upside down, and everyone, not just those he knew were dead. The only hope to avenge the death of his world was a team of rag tag aliens from a world he knew little of. If his plan succeed, the galaxy would no longer hear the cry of the alien invaders, and what was left of his planet would have a possibility of being rebuilt, and maybe repopulated.
This was it; the final phase of his surgical strike was almost complete. To him it didn't matter if he died, but he was responsible for those he forced to help him. However, even in what he believed to be an emotionless vessel he was worried. He had no idea how he was going to get the Cybertronians back to Cybertron. Blackie finished up his work, and headed back to Victory Arrow to figure out how to complete the final step of his plan. His ship going offline may have meant the failure of his plan. Now, on his trip back, he was in for more than he bargained for.

Ruse walked around the ship, looking into all the rooms trying to keep his anxiety down.

"Hey, look!" Diamond Fire shouted.

"What is it?" Ruse asked her.

His question was soon answered. Everyone one board rushed to a window on the ship.

"It's the LSS Freedom!" Ruse had never felt so happy before. "We need to get on board now!"

"How can we? We used up all of the fuel reserves of the drop shuttle getting back here, we'll never make it" Scamp stated.

Ruse seemingly ignored him and opened the hatch to the shuttle. "You take Diamond Fire he said pointing to Scamp." He transformed into speedboat mode and flew off of the edge of the ship.

"He's crazy!" Drill Master shouted as he followed.

Scamp transformed into jet mode and Diamond Fire hung onto him. They all flew towards the LSS Freedom as fast as they could, but received some unsuspected fire.

Ruse was the first to be hit, then Drill Master, then Scamp and Diamond Fire. Suddenly, a tractor beam from the ship pulled them in. Moments later they were in the ship's docking bay.

Diamond Fire got up and ran for the elevator. She was met by Cirrus.

"What the heck were you guys doing out there?" he asked. "Wait a minute, it's your fault this ship has been knocked out isn't it? I'm taking you to the brig."

"No wait!" Scamp shouted. "We need your help, without it this ship we're all doomed!"

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