Chapter 30: Unseen Attackers

"Now to head back to the shuttle," Razer thought to himself as he flew over the smoking rubble.

However, when Razer was directly over head the center of the smoke, the upper portion of the alien creature leapt onto him.

"This thing just doesn't give up!"

Razer flew above the water with the alien creature holding on tight. Above the water he tried to push the alien away, but its grip was too tight. He tried again, and struggling to keep the creature away he rammed his left fist into it, the same fist that used Ruse's skis as sharp implements. Screaming, the creature pushed away, falling into the water.

Razer landed next to the shuttle and separated.

"We need to hurry, these things are getting stronger. If this mission is not completed soon all will be lost" Blackie stated.

The five entered the shuttle and it took off. Soon afterwards, it was met with unfriendly fire.

"We've been hit!" Scamp shouted.

Blackie simply ignored him and the entourage of hits. When they made it to the outer atmosphere, Blackie turned around and said "You fly this shuttle back to the Victory Arrow, I am going to activate the remaining satellites."

"You're going out there alone?" Ruse protested.

"As I have already informed you, I emit no life signs. If the aliens register no life signs, they will hesitate to act against me" Blackie replied. "All of you should be safe on the Victory Arrow."

Everyone was silent and Blackie exited the ship. Diamond Fire, Drill Master, Ruse, and Scamp fell to their destination, but on the way were met by attackers.

"Fire main weapons!" Ruse shouted.

"Main weapons are out" Diamond Fire responded.

"Fire backup weapons!" Ruse shouted.

"Those are out too" Diamond Fire responded.

"Then what the heck do we have?" Scamp asked.

"We've got nothing left, we're sitting ducks" Drill Master finished.

The shuttle had taken more punishment from the alien creature then they had previously thought.

"We're not finished yet!" shouted Ruse. "Diamond Fire, hand me your gun."

Diamond Fire was hesitant to hand over her weapon, but did. Ruse took the weapon and opened the top hatch on the shuttle.

"Are you crazy or just really stupid? It took a couple dozen shots just to bring down on of those creatures, it's not going to make much of a difference on those ships." Scamp said doubtingly.

Ruse pulled a few cables out of the end of the gun. "That's why you guys are going to attach these cables to the engine systems. Don't even bother to tell me about the engine strain, as long as I don't have to fire more than a dozen shots we'll do alright."

Scamp wove in and out of the enemy's fire. He scrapped by a few ships, but such was to be expected when fighting cloaked enemies. Ruse fired off a shot as they made way to the Victory arrow.

"I can't believe this is actually working" Scamp shouted.

Ruse replied: "Don't get to excited, we still have to fly the Victory Arrow through this."

Finally, they arrived at their destination. Upon exiting the shuttle, they were heavily disappointed. The ship had been ravaged.

"What are we going to do? This thing can't fly in its current condition" Drill Master stated.

Diamond Fire remained optimistic. "Maybe we can still deploy the satellites."

"We're going to have to try" Drill Master replied.

Diamond Fire, Drill Master, Ruse, and Scamp went about the ship and opened all satellite hatches. Ruse went up to the control panel and deployed all of the ship's satellites. They were very powerful, and as soon as one hit the right coordinates, he would be able to communicate with their leader.

"Satellites three, nineteen, and sixty-five are out" Drill Master reported.

"I think I can connect to satellite five" Ruse replied.

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