Chapter 3: Repairs

Blackie finished the repairs on the generators and was currently working on the main computer console.

"Almost done" said Blackie as he completed the final touches on the console. "I've also taken the liberty to upgrade your equipment and install a couple of C level 12 programs. Over all it should be faster and more efficient" he finished.

"Great! I had no idea that you had knowledge of advanced programming. Iíll get the research team ready for you" an excited Sando replied.

"What do you mean ready for me?" questioned Blackie.

"Well, if you can install those programs youíre at least our third best programmer right now. Youíd also have to have knowledge about the Cryo-12 experiments in order to know you installed them correctly. Not to mentions the problems weíve. . ."

Cutting him off, Blackie replied "just what makes you think that Iíll do it? Iíve got my hands full already."

"You have to, we could really use someone like you heading some of our newer scientists just coming into the field. Most of the qualified teachers are busy with our other on-going experiments, and besides, you'd get overtime" answer Sando with a smile.

"Well, since you put it that way, I want at least time and a half" Blackie said with a serious look.

Sando simply said with a smile "Consider it done."

Blackie smiled and went back to his work. Just as Blackie finished putting in the final screw to the console, a small explosion caused sparks to fly out. The shock sent him flying almost causing him to hit a cryo chamber. Blackie was knocked unconscious against the wall. Sando picked up Blackie and tried to wake him up. The other scientists came into the room wondering what had happened.

"Did someone turn on the main generator?" Sando yelled.

"Gridy did" replied one of the scientists.

"Why the hell would he do that? Where is he?" Sando yelled again.

Just then Gridy came up the stairway, revealing himself to be the same scientist who scoffed at Blackie when he first came into the establishment.

"Just what the hell were you thinking? You nearly killed or engineer!" said Sando.

Gridy replied "Well, he should have stayed away from the console. I turned on the main generator just in case."

Sando interrupted "What, worried about the backup files on your computer? Were you in the middle of something and didnít want to risk losing it?"

Gridy yelled at him "I just wanted to make sure that my work was safe."

"Well, you damn near killed Blackie, twice! You're suspended for the rest of the week" send a very angry Sando.

Gridy could do nothing. He picked up his things and left.

Sando now returned his attention to Blackie. "Are you okay?" he said.

"Yeah, but I think Iím going to need a few new parts for the console" Blackie said, more worried about the consul than anything.

Blackie then returned to his work.

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