Chapter 29: Giants

The shuttle landed and Diamond Fire and Drill Master entered. Scamp met them.

"How do your missions go? Mine went flawlessly which comes to no surprise" Scamp stated with a hint of arrogance.

"Mine succeeded but I just barely made it here" Drill Master informed him.

"I was unable to release the Data Capsule but everything else went fine" said a slightly unsatisfied Diamond Fire.

Scamp smiled underneath his face plate and said, "as was expected I was the best."

Diamond Fire got up to take a swing at Scamp but Drill Master held her back. "Don't mind him, he gets this way sometimes."

At the Water Study the crew of the small shuttle saw Ruse tirelessly trying to make it to the coastline without hitting any alien corpses.

"It looks like you didn't need us after all," Diamond Fire said as she extended her had to Ruse to help him into the shuttle.

"Think again" Scamp stated as he pointed out of the shuttle. One of the sea creatures made it onto the land.

Badly damaged from the corrosive chemicals placed in the atmosphere and the water, it still seemed able to attack. It snapped at the shuttle with its large jaws. As the shuttle was taking off, it jumped up onto the side of the shuttle and brought it down. It continued tearing at the ship's super structure but was having a difficult time due to its weakened state.

"What are we gonna do? Those things have been chasing me to and from the water study, there's no way we can stop them" Ruse stated.

Blackie stepped forth and said "These creatures are dying, all we need to do it tire it out." Blackie then made sure his gun was loaded, and moved toward the shuttle door.

All five members of Blackie's force reluctantly ran out of the shuttle. They all made a circle formation around the monster.

Blackie shouted "Open fire!" and all at once they began shooting at the creature. Shots bounced off of the creatures body, but most were aimed at the areas where the acid and eaten through. The creature spun its tail around knocking down all but Blackie.

Scamp was very irritated; most of his shots seemed to either be absorbed or bounced off of the alien creature's armor. "There is no way we can stop this thing!" he shouted.

The situation did seem rather hopeless. They didn't even seem to be phasing the monster.

"Regroup!" Blackie ordered as he ran away from the shuttle. Once they had regrouped he motioned for Diamond Fire and Drill Master to come closer. "Give me your guns."

"What can you do with them that we can't?" Drill Master asked him.

"Give me your guns" Blackie ordered again.

Drill Master and Diamond Fire looked at each other and handed him their guns. The creature was getting closer, they had to get up and run again. As they did, Blackie assembled his guns, Diamond Fire's gun, and Drill Master's drill to form a mortar cannon. He turned around rather quickly and pointed the gun upwards. He fired, hitting the creature in the chip. They alien held his chin up in the air stunned, but soon returned it to resting position. Blackie then fired to more shots, each at the creature's legs. It tumbled.

"Great, what are we going to do in 10 seconds when that thing gets up?" Scamp shouted.

Blackie made sure everyone was paying attention to him. "I have bestowed upon each of us the ability that many special teams of Transformers posses. Dark Force, merge to form Razer!"

With that command, Diamond Fire, Drill Master, Ruse, Scamp, and Blackie began a series of twists, turns, and folds. Panels opened and closed, and eventually each one resembled a large appendage. Ruse and Scamp formed the right and left legs, Diamond Fire and Drill Master the right and left arms. Blackie formed the torso. Each one of the robots slammed together, and a giant head arose from the torso. Behold, Razer.

"Alright ugly, let's see how you handle those blasts in succession."

Razer let out a series of blasts on general point on the creature's body. The creature remained stunned for a moment. When it came to, it began its attack again.

"Okay, let's see if this will work."

Razer removed the drill from the back of his gun and placed it in the barrel. The creature stepped right in front of him. Razer jammed the drill deep into the creature, then pushed it away with his foot. A swift round-house kick to its head was all it took to knock it over. Razer backed away, and when the creature stood again, he fired repeated blasts at the drill. The drill exploded, and the monster seeming blew to pieces.

"That takes care of that."

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