Chapter 28: New Developments

The time came for Ruse to begin his mission.

Ruse stepped up to a shuttle door and said "Yeah yeah, make it to the Water Study and saturate the planet with moisture and your chemicals."

With that Ruse left the shuttle and made his way to the Water Study. Blackie's mission was to make it to the space station. He needed to activate as many satellites as possible.

En route to the Water Study

"All right, everything is looking good. I've got about a thousand drones here and not an alien in sight" Ruse thought to himself.

Ruse paused for a moment and looked behind him. "Well, I suppose a couple hundred drones."

Ruse marveled at how beautiful and clean Minchiva's water was. It seemed that the inhabitants learned how to develop their technology without polluting then environment at the same time.

A few more minutes passed and Ruse started feeling alone. There was no sound except for the sound of splashing water behind him. He looked behind him again. This time there were no drones.

Ruse turned around then came to a complete halt. "What the hell happened to all of my drones?"

Unbeknownst to Ruse something was arising behind him. Something big was approaching at a high speed. It opened its mouth in an attempt to swallow Ruse.

"What the hell?" Ruse shouted. He circled wide around the monster and sped full speed to the Water Study.

The monster kept in full pursuit, just slightly slower than Ruse.

"Ruse to shuttle, how big did you say these things were?" he asked.

"Approximately three meters tall, you should have encountered a few of them by now" was the reply from the shuttle.

"Oh, I've encountered one so far, but it's not three meters tall!" Ruse responded. "This thing is big, very big."

"Try to make it to the Water Study and complete your mission, I will try to gather the others" Blackie responded.

"Easier said than done."

"This is Scamp, I'm at the rendezvous sight and no sign of anyone or anything else" Scamp informed the shuttle.

"They will be there shortly" Blackie replied.

"This is Diamond Fire, I'm almost at the rendezvous point but my drones and I--"

The transmission was cut. It wasn't due to signal interference, but by the fact that Diamond Fire needed to concentrate on the battle at hand. Alien creatures attacked her from all sides. She tried vigorously to fend them off, but all seemed hopeless.

"Is it me or did these things get bigger?" Diamond Fire strained to say to herself as she was being crushed by some of the aliens.

Seemingly out of no where came a reply "Actually, they've gotten a lot bigger, they're about four meters tall now."

Immediately after the statement was made the aliens were blasted off of her.

"Drill Master! I was afraid that you might be dead!" Diamond Fire shouted joyously.

"We'll have plenty of time to chat later, right now we've got an appointment" Drill Master replied as he pointed to a shuttle passing overhead.

Ruse placed the concentrated chemicals give to him by Blackie and placed them in the dispersion unit.

"This stuff better be really volatile or it'll never cover the entire planet" Ruse said to himself.

As he hit several keys on the control panel and transformed into speedboat mode screeching out of the Water Study. He immediately began to notice that something had happened.

"The things are popping out of the water belly up!" Ruse shouted.

The alien creatures where surfacing from under water. They were huge, and now they were dead.

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