Chapter 27: The Mission Continues

On board the drop shuttle

"You know, we never did name you" Ruse said to the Cybertronian female.

"She's red and she has one of the biggest flame throwers I've ever seen" Scamp replied. "Fire engine red at that."

"Perfect, we'll name you after a fire engine" Ruse smiled then looked back at the female. "How does Diamond Fire sound?"

"I like it" she replied with a smile.

"Diamond Fire it is" Ruse said in a happy tone.

Moments later the shuttle was attacked by the aliens' cloaked ships. Blackie fired a few shots of return fire, each one leaving a cloud of green dust. Ruse, Scamp, and the Cybertronian female looked at the minor spectacle with amazement. Then, Blackie released a handful of drones.

Knowing what they were wondering about, Blackie said "the green chemical corrodes the alien metal with ease. It is one of the primary chemicals Minchiva used for cryogenic suspension. The drones are filled with the chemical and will help spread it throughout the atmosphere."

It soon came time for Diamond Fire to begin her mission.

"Looks like it's time for me to head out. I am to head to the Data Registry, locate all available satellites, and if possible launch the data capsule" Diamond Fire stated firmly.

"That is correct" Blackie confirmed.

Diamond Fire turned, jumped out of the shuttle, and transformed into her hover car mode as she landed. He army of drones followed her.

On her way to the Data Registry, the aliens seemed to rain down on her and her troops.

"Help me!" she screamed to her drones. However, they were too over whelmed with aliens.

"I can't give up!" she yelled to herself as she pushed on to the Data Registry that was just a few yards away.

"Let's see how you like this!" Diamond Fire sarcastically asked the aliens clinging to her as she crashed into the building. She survived the impact, the alien creatures didn't.

Diamond Fire transformed into robot mode then staggered about. She had taken on a lot of damage. A few of the drones followed her in.

"Seal that hole and the rest of you guard the entrance" she ordered as she pointed at the drones.

The Data Registry was only a two-floor building. Diamond Fire looked up at the ceiling and then down at her gun. She smiled and blasted a whole through the ceiling through which she could jump. Once on the second floor she quickly found what she was looking for.

"Diamond Fire to drop shuttle, I've located the satellites and I'm sending them out now" she happily reported. "Now all I need to do is find that data capsule."

Diamond Fire turned to jump down the hole she had made, but the aliens had begun to jump through it. Diamond Fire turned and ran down a narrow hallway. As she frantically ran she passed the area containing the data capsule. She entered the area and tried to free it, but it seemed stuck. The aliens were too close. Diamond Fire finally pulled out her gun and shot at the capsule base. It seemed to be free, but if she were to get out of the area alive, she would have to leave it.

"Diamond Fire to drop shuttle, I sent out the satellites but I couldn't free the probe. I'm heading for the pick-up area now! Over and out."

"It is your turn to begin your mission Scamp" Blackie told him.

"Great, I'll give you call when I get back" Scamp said as he jumped out of the shuttle. He transformed into jet mode and headed off for the aerial platform that was surprising still floating in the air.

Scamp was rather surprised. There seemed to be no sign whatsoever of the aliens ships. That is, not until laser fire appeared out of now where.

"What the heck?" Scamp yelled. His drones where being shot down one by one. "Well, if this is what I'm going to have to fight so be it!"

Scamp flew across the sky dodging nearly every laser. Making an educated guess he returned fire. Several of the ships uncloaked as they exploded.

"Woo hoo! I'm I great or what? If only the Seeker Corps could see me now!"

His excitement ended quickly. As he flew toward the platform he was attacked from behind.

"This would be a lot better I could actually see the enemy!" Scamp yelled out hopelessly. His drones where no where to be found.

Suddenly, he was hit from behind. "Oh no, I'm going down!" Scamp crash landed on the platform. He flew around the platform frantically searching for the control room. All the while he was being fired upon from behind.

"All I've gotta do is get this thing into orbit right?" he said to himself. "That shouldn't be too hard."

Scamp finally found the control panel and transformed. However, he was greeted by several alien creature, many more than he could hand. Scamp simply locked his fingers and stretched them.

"Bon Voyage!" Scamp yelled as he flipped the base upside down. The aliens were able to hold on with relative ease. Hmm, that didn't work"

Scamp turned around and looked at one of his drones. He smiled and fired his laser pistol, causing the drone to explode. The aliens backed away and eventually lost grip of the platform. He flipped the platform upright and departed.

"Time to meet at the rendezvous point" Scamp said to himself as he transformed into jet mode.

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