Chapter 25: Return to Minchiva

After about two hours, Maximus started to lose patience.

"What is wrong with you? I've been using brain-draining torture for two hours straight! The last time I did that . . ."

Waitstate interrupted Maximus' ranting when he entered the room.

"What's the status?" Waitstate asked.

"Wait, I know I should have paid more attention to the time, but I've been using brain-draining tor-" Maximus was cut off by Waitstate.

"Thanks Maximus... I don't really need to know" Waitstate said.

"The point is at this rate he should've been dead nearly an hour ago" Maximus said with concern.

Waitstate looked at him sternly. "Restore, get in here now, we need medical assistance."

After a minute or so, the tiny human-sized Restore came into the room. She ran some system checks on the intruder.

"Wait, I need to see you out in the next room, you too Maximus" Restore told Waitstate and Maximus. She saw the look of concern on their faces regarding the intruder. "Don't worry, he's not going anywhere."

When they entered the next room, Restore made sure the door was shut. "Wait, Maximus has by all signs killed our intruder. He hasn't moved in the last two hours, he doesn't have even the most basic programming info in his systems, and I register no life signs."

Waitstate glared at Maximus.

"I couldn't tell, that's the way he appeared when he came in here!" Maximus protested.

Recoil, another member of LONAC, walked into the room. "What's going on guys? Where did you put our intruder?"

"He's in the interrogation room" Waitstate told him.

"I just walked by the interrogation room and it's empty" Recoil told them.

"That's impossible" Maximus protested as they all got up and exited the room.

Recoil was right, the room was empty. The four Transformers then walked into the room. Each one of them had the same thought on their minds "How does the dead get up and walk away?"

Waitstate was the first to exit the room. Out of the corner of his left eye he caught a glimpse of something moving. As he turned to look at it, he recognized it right away.

"There he is!" Waitstate shouted and chase followed. They went through various hallways and at each turned just missed the intruder. Just when Waitstate thought he had him trapped, he pulled out a bomb. The intruder attached it to the wall and stepped back. When the smoke had cleared Waitstate charged at the intruder, just narrowly missing him. He watched as the intruder jump into space and vanished right before his eyes.

Waitstate paused for a moment, he was very angry. "That's it! I've had enough of these games! Everyone, to the bridge!"

Moments later, every crewmember was on the bridge.

Waitstate stood in front of his chair. "Cirrus, tractor beam off the starboard side!"

Cirrus protested "but I can't detect . . . "

Waitstate cut him off. "That's an order!"

Cirrus fired the tractor beam and it locked onto the alien vessel, which was still cloaked.

"Waitstate, they're pulling us! They've engaged some type of hyper-drive!" Cirrus shouted.

"I don't care, stay with them!" Waitstate yelled.

The ship they were hanging onto was fast, very fast. In the distance, Cybertron started to fade, much faster than it should. The ships continued gaining speed, and by this time the ship they were locked on to became very visible. Streaks of light went by until the shape of a tunnel formed around them.

"Waitstate, the ship can't handle this anymore, we'll have to break off!" Cirrus shouted.

"Negative Cirrus, raise the shields" Waitstate ordered.

The ship gained more stability, but suddenly met with a quick jolt. The jolt was not just cause be a sudden increase in speed, but by some unknown form of energy. Everyone on board the LSS Freedom had been rendered inactive.

On board the Victory Arrow, Blackie spoke for the second time now in his new Transformer body that he had used to wreak havoc on the LSS Freedom.

"We have arrived at our destination. The planet you see before you is my home world, Minchiva."

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