Chapter 24: The Alien Emerges

"Apparently this vessel has been sending out new 'friends' over" Cirrus stated.

Suddenly the alarms sounded.

"We have an intruder on level 8" Admiral Lilwall shouted over the comm system.

"That's impossible, you're the only life form on level 8!" Cirrus replied.

"Someone should tell it that, it just took out Stardrive" Admiral said with urgency.

"Follow him, don't let him out of your sights!" Waitstate yelled at Admiral Lilwall.

Admiral Lilwall followed him, and when he got to the elevator shaft he yelled for the elevator to be raised so the intruder couldn't use it.

"Now I've . . . What the hell was that? Waitstate, the intruder just jumped down the elevator shaft" Admiral informed the bridge.

"Format, shut the doors to all levels!" Waitstate ordered. "We've got him now!"

"Wrong on that one Waitstate, I just saw him on deck 9" Maximus reported.

"Damn-it! All crew members to deck 9 now!" Waitstate yelled.

Scamp, Drill Master, Diamond Fire, and Ruse were all in the interrogation area when then the door to their cell blew open.

"All of you, out of here now" the alien told them.

Immediately they recognized the voice and did as they were ordered.

"They're one level above us, you still have time to get out" the alien told them as he pointed to a hole blasted in the ceiling.

"He's a Transformer!" Ruse said in amazement after the smoke had cleared.

"Brilliant observation, but we better get the heck out of here" Scamp said with the utmost urgency.

Finally the other crew members discovered the hole and the mysterious Transformer engaged them in combat.

Waitstate was the first to engange him, and quickly received several hits.

"I've never fought anything this fast," Waitstate said as he winced in pain. "Lil, you're the fastest one here, stop the prisoners before they get to the shuttle bay!"

Admiral eagerly wanted to join the fight. "But!"

"That's an order!" Waitstate yelled back.

Admiral then transformed into a space jet and followed the prisoners.

After the crew members failed arrest their alien intruder, the alien intruder transformed into a space jet and seemed to head for the docking bay. Soon it met up with Admiral Lilwall. It fired a few shots forcing Admiral to transform. The alien also transformed and engaged him in battle.

"This way is quicker!" Drill Master shouted as he transformed and drilled a hole in the floor of the ship while the alien kept Admiral Lilwall at bay. Finally, the rest of the crew arrived to assist Admiral.

"Waitstate, the prisoners are escaping!" Cirrus shouted over the comm system.

"Forget about them, it's too late!" Waitstate shouted back. "We lost four prisoners but at least this fifth one didn't escape." Several crew members had over powered the alien intruder. "You know where to take him Maximus."

In the interrogation room once again

"That was a hell of a stunt you pulled off there. How about we start off with your name and how you were able to allude our sensors" Maximus asked.

The intruder was silent.

Maximus looked him over. This intruder was a Transformer, almost entirely black except for a few red accents. He had jet thrusters, a cockpit, and wings on his back. His design seemed quite unusual.

"Your name, and how did you allude or sensors!" Maximus yelled, hating the quiet type.

The intruder remained silent.

"Well, my name is Maximus Prime, and judging by you composure you've never heard of me."

The intruder still didn't move.

"This is going to be a long interrogation," Maximus said as he started hooking up machines to the intruder.

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