Chapter 22: Ruse

Blackie continued observing Ruse.

"Computer, set course 12, I'm feeling a little lucky tonight" Ruse ordered his ship's on board computers.

After a few beeps and clicks, the computer replied "unable to fulfill request."

"What the heck do you mean?" Ruse said as he frantically checked his pre-programmed course settings. "Computer, course 12!"

Once again the computer replied "Unable to fulfill request."

Ruse looked all over his shuttle trying to find any possible mechanical or programming errors. When he looked up at the viewing monitor, he saw a giant ship.

"Prepare for impact in 5 minutes" his computer alerted.

"Damn-it! I knew I should have gotten a full tune-up on Cybertron!" Ruse shouted as he tried to engage manual controls, which had stopped functioning a few days prior.

The large ship began firing at his shuttle, and was able to slow it down a little, but not enough to stop him.

After a few minutes, the computer gave its final count down "Impact in 10 seconds 9 . . . 8 . . ., 7 . . ."

"This is going to hurt!" Ruse shouted as he braced for impact.

4 . . . 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . CRASH!

Ruse's shuttle flew right through the back of the ship and across the docking area of the large ship. When he finally came to a complete halt, several Cybertronians greeted him, one of which his recognized.

"Welcome to the LSS Freedom" a gray and black robot replied. I'm Waitstate your captain. Waitstate then pointed to a blue and black robot. This is Maximus Prime, your jailer.

Maximus Prime then escorted Ruse from the docking area.

Once in the interrogation room, Maximus Prime questioned Ruse as to how he came in contact with the LSS Freedom. Ruse told him the same story that he told the fueling station attendant. Recently discharge from the Autobots and on the run from the Decepticons, his ship malfunctioned and crashed into the LSS Freedom. Data from Ruse's shuttle confirmed his story.

Maximus reported to Waitstate after he finished his interrogation with Ruse.

"His story checks out, just like the others'" Maximus reported.

"I'd be much happier if it didn't" Waitstate said rather disappointed. "Keep a close watch over them, three unwanted and unknowing visitors in two days seems rather suspicious."

"Agreed, shall I assign them quarters?" Maximus asked.

"For now it seems that's all we can do," Waitstate said.

Soon after Ruse, Scamp, and Drill Master were assigned quarters, Ruse entered Drill Master's quarters and saw Drill Master and Scamp sitting down.

"So guys, you're newbies too? How did you get to this place?" Ruse asked enthusiastically.

"It's a rather odd story. All we remember is nearly being killed in battle. After that, we were pulled into a giant ship, and when we awoke we were in the docking bay of the LSS, and our bodies had been completely rebuilt" Scamp told him.

"Ookay, the ship is full of crazies, see you guys later!" Ruse replied as he went to his quarters to recharge.

A short amount of time passed, and Ruse opened his eyes. He was trying to rest but he felt compelled to get up. As he looked around the room everything seemed to be distorted. The next thing he knew, he was laying on a table in some place he didn't recognize.

"Oohh, what kind of fuel due they give you on the Freedom?" Ruse stated in a very weary manor. He received no reply.

Ruse sat up and looked around the room, and saw a very nice looking Cybertronian female looking at him.

"Where have you taken me?" Ruse asked her.

"You're home my brother" the mysterious female replied.

"Home? What do you mean home?"

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