Chapter 21: LONAC

"How are we going to find this LONAC?" asked Drill Master.

"Normally I would not be sure where to begin. However, the LONAC flag ship is in orbit of your planet" Blackie replied in an almost smug manor.

"What do you intend to do with us after you leave us with LONAC?" Scamp questioned Blackie.

"I will retrieve you when the time is right. More troops will be needed for my purposes. When I have recruited enough, I will inform you of the rest of my plans."

With that Blackie set course for the LSS Freedom, the one and only LONAC star ship.

"Boss, I've found an oddity in the logs here" Cirrus said in a rather calm manor.

"What seems to be wrong?" Waitstate asked.

"Well, I ran the standard procedures for planetary take off, setting course and such when my screen glitched. Nothing seemed to be wrong, but Format found a log of two life forms boarding our ship a few minutes ago" Cirrus replied.

"It's probably just another bug in the system, you know we still have a few to work out" Waitstate said.

"That's what I thought at first, but then two life patterns just showed up on Deck 12. There wasn't any transport activity of any kind registered" Cirrus replied slightly edgy.

"No matter, what we still have to check it out. Lil, I want you to come with me to Deck 12" Waitstate ordered crewmember Admiral Lilwall.

"I'll have Format try and figure this out while you're gone" Cirrus replied.

Once Waitstate and Admiral Lilwall had reached Deck twelve, they discovered two dazed Transformers.

"Well well, look what the cat dragged in" Admiral said sarcastically at the sight of the two robots.

"Wha, where are we?" asked one of the robots.

Waitstate looked very stern. "You're on board the LSS Freedom, and now it seems you're our prisoners."

Somewhere on Cybertron . . .

"You done refueling her yet?" a white, orange, and green robot asked a fueling station attendant.

"Just sit tight, she'll be done before you know it. Are you in some kind of a hurry?" the fueling station attendant asked.

"Kinda. I got into some major trouble with the Autobot High Counsel. Got discharged from the Autobots by Optimus Prime himself" the white and orange robot replied.

"Oh, you're the wreck-loose Autobot Ruse aren't you? One practical joke to many?" the attendant asked.

"Yeah, something like that. That's not really why I'm in a hurry though." Ruse stated, waiting for a reply from the attendant.

"Okay, I'll bite. Why are you in a hurry?" the attendant asked.

"I stole some Autobot designs from the Autobot database. I found a hole in the security system and was able to pick up a few goodies" Ruse said in a proud manor.

"Why are you telling me all of this? I could alert the authorities and they could be here before you know it," the attendant warned.

"Heh, fat chance of that. Even if they do come, the Decepticons will be here any moment" Ruse stated.

The attendant seemed stunned. "What?!"

"Oh yeah. I tried to sell them some of the Autobot plans I stole, but instead they tried to kill me, so I took off. Now I've got me some highly classified designs and you've got yourself a squad of Decepticons to worry about." Ruse then ran into his shuttle shouting "Good luck!" and took off.

The attendant shouted "damn you!" then scrambled for cover awaiting the Decepticon attack.

Unknown to the attendant and Ruse, Blackie had been observing the whole situation. He thought one thing to himself: "This one will serve me well."

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