Chapter 20: Drill Master

"There is no trick. My computer system has recorded the event if you wish to view it" Blackie replied.

Scamp turned himself around and looked at what appeared to be a monitor. "Show me."

The monitor activated and showed Scamp all it had recorded. He watched as he saw many of his comrades fall. What he saw before him could have been a false presentation of events created by the alien force that had abducted him, but in his very being he knew it to be true.

"Drill Master, this can't be. Take me to the battlefield now!" Scamp ordered.

Once again Blackie replied with his emotionless voice. "I apologize, but I cannot fulfill that request. Such and endeavor would alert others to our presence."

"I refuse to serve you unless you do!" There was a momentary pause. "Look, if you need troops that aren't fully devoted to the Decepticon cause, then you might like Drill Master" Scamp pleaded.

Blackie thought for a moment. "We cannot go back, but I am going to need many more troops. I shall clear the battlefield and you may search for your friend among the dead. However, I assure you there are no living entities hidden among them."

Scamp looked at his clenched fist. "We'll see about that."

After configuring the ship's computer systems, Blackie teleported all of the seemingly dead soldiers from the battlefield. Scamp searched through the bodies for his friend.

"Here he is! Now all you need to do is rebuild him as you did me" Scamp said excitedly.

"I can repair his body, but to rebuild him entirely would be a waist of precious material. You friend is dead" Blackie replied.

Scamp looked at the corpse that lye before him. "Give me a moment."

Scamp opened Drill Master's chest place and adjusted a few things. He then connected himself to Drill Master. After a few minutes, Scamp disconnected himself then closed Drill Master's chest plate.

"I've infused him with some of my energy. His spark is very weak, but still functional" Scamp informed Blackie.

"You are correct. As implausible as this situation is he is alive. If what you have told me of him is true, he shall serve me well" Blackie stated.

Scamp was very excited. "Thank you! You won't regret this!"

The computer systems and drones vigorously began rebuilding the fallen robot. After the reconstruction of Drill Master was complete, Drill Master arose.

Drill Master immediately recoiled. "Who are you? Where am I?"

Scamp took a step closer. "It's me Scamp, we're on board the vessel known as the Victory Axis. We were abducted and rebuilt in order to help this alien with something."

Drill Master looked around "What alien and how do I know you are really Scamp?"

Scamp removed his faceplate to show Drill Master his old face. Surprised, Drill Master began internal scans to find out what changes he had undergone.

"Incredible! Who did you say did this to us?" asked Drill Master.

To which Blackie replied "I did. I need you for a special service that I will reveal to you later. Right now I need to find a place where you can fully adjust to all that has happened to you. This place must be free of influences that would lead you back to your former state of existence."

"Former state of existence? Just what do you mean?" Drill Master asked.

Scamp turned to Drill Master. "He means we're not allowed to be Decepticons anymore. After seeing how Archforce acted during battle, it help me to realize how pointless the Decepticon cause is."

Drill Master only seemed more confused. "What do you mean how he acted?"

Scamp pointed at the viewing monitor. "See for yourself."

Drill Master then watched the battle on the viewing monitor. When it was over, he came to the same conclusion that Scamp had come to. For years they had questioned the Decepticon cause, but now it was final. They could not go back.

Blackie knew that the two robots were considering where their new home would be. "While you battled, my computer systems found records of a place called 'Neutral Ground.' It was a place where all kinds of Cybertronians met and discarded their factions temporarily. When the bar was later destroyed, the organization became serious and now has a mission to create a faction-less race of Cybertronians. They reside aboard a ship called the LSS Freedom."

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