Chapter 19: Scamp

"What? That can't be!" Archforce yelled.

Just then, the pile of charges exploded, destroying many of the robots in battle. A large crater appeared on the surface of the planet after the smoke had cleared.

Quite flustered, Archforce yelled "Decepticons, retreat!"

Since the explosion had occurred so soon after the battle had re-started, most of the Decepticons hadn't been fully entangled by the Autobots and had a fairly easy time getting away. However, many had been killed by the blast, and many lied mortally wounded.

Soon after the Decepticons retreated, the robots referred to as Autobots searched the battlefield for their dead.

Blackie thought to himself. "These robots fought so vigilantly for such a cause, and so blindly. How could simple machines be capable of showing emotions or purpose? Can it be that they are truly sentient?"

Blackie felt his being descend upon the battlefield. He was able to feel the sorrowful emotions emanating from the Autobots for their dead, and the feelings of vein and helplessness coming from the Decepticons. All of the emotions where those that Blackie believed could no longer exist in his very being. He now only felt cold, like the icy coldness of his cryogenic chamber. However, he knew that he must defeat the alien menace that was trying to destroy his home world, and to do that he needed an army.

"I will search for those among the dead who still have some life force left, and find out if they have the requirements I need." Blackie thought to himself. He need soldiers, yes, but he had to make sure they were the very best. Blackie searched among the Decepticons believed to be dead, for no one would know or care that they were gone.

Finally, Blackie came upon one Decepticon, one whose thoughts seemed rather unattached to most of those who were engaged in battle.

"This is the same pyramid jet that sought to question his leader. Could it be that he does not believe in their cause and might be willing to serve me?" Blackie thought. "I'll have to take that chance."

With that thought the body of the robot disappeared, as it was teleported into the cloaked ship. Blackie's being returned to the ship with it.

For hours Blackie vigorously studied the alien being which he had abducted. With his advanced machinery he studied every facet of the being's body; with his mind he studied the makeup of his sophisticated programming.

Blackie thought to himself. "This being has spent the past few thousands years at war. Just like the others, thoughts of war were virtually the only thoughts that filled his mind. Most of those dying on the battlefield never thought to question why they were fighting. All they knew to do was to fight or die. However, this one sought to question what most of his fellow soldiers could not fathom. He questioned they very purpose of all that they lived by. That doubt is all I need to convince him to join me."

Utilizing the technology of his ship, and his understanding of the Cybertronian mind, Blackie designed a device that would block out all the memories of the robot from the time it was activated to the time it was deactivated.

"This is not enough. His body is war torn, and he will not function much longer in his current state."

With that thought Blackie commanded his drones to build a new body for the creature known as Scamp. The drones were instructed to use the metals from the storage bay on the ship. For Blackie's intentions, the metal from Minchiva was better and more accessible to him.

After the robot's repairs had been completed, Blackie finally reactivated all systems within the robot. The robot then awoke.

"Wa, where am I?" Scamp asked.

Blackie responded "This is the flag ship once known as the Justice Axis. I retrieved you from the battle field, rebuilt you, and scanned your mind."

Scamp discovered his new body, then ran an internal scan. "Rebuilt me? You remade everything there was about me." Scamp then looked around the room. "Just were the heck are you anyhow?"

"I am everywhere. You needn't know anything more right now, just that I require your services" Blackie replied.

"I will do as you ask seeing as how you saved my life, but I must return to my leader. How can I do that looking like this?" Scamp asked.

Blackie replied: "You shall not go back. Your leader left you and hundreds of other for dead. Of all the fallen soldiers, you were the only one I could save."

"All dead? This can't be true! You're trying to trick me, send me back!" Scamp yelled.

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