Chapter 18: The Alien Battle Continues

The purple and black leader, now known as Archforce yelled "Sureshot!" and then began shooting at the large vehicle. As he did so, the vehicle transformed into a robot.

"There's no hope for you Archforce, you were outnumbered even before we got here" Sureshot told him.

As the two robots talked, Superion disengaged into his component parts, which then engage in battle.

"How incredible, that giant was really five smaller robots," Blackie thought to himself. "These creatures are incredibly resourceful. A robot like that much be very useful in battle."

"You should know me better than that Sureshot, I don't give up so easily!" Archforce replied.

"I know you better than anyone Archforce, and right now I think you know what your only option is" replied Sureshot.

"Please remind me what that is" Archforce responded with a rather perturbed voice.

"We outnumber you three to one, and all of your troops are scattered. Back off now and your lives will be spared" Sureshot informed him.

Archforce was angry, but let out a slight grin. "Decepticons, let's get out of here!"

After Archforce had given his command, troops began their ascension. After they had flow from hearing distance of Sureshot, the Decepticons began conversing.

"We're going back" Archforce told his troops.

"That's insane! You're asking us to commit suicide!" shouted one of the Decepticons.

"I'll consider that remark later. I've had several of our drillers place explosives underneath the general battle area. They'll go off when I give the command, and that should give us the edge we need to defeat the Autobots" Archforce stated.

"Mighty Archforce, they outnumber us three to one, we have no chance of winning" said one of the blue and orange pyramid shaped jets.

"I'm surprised Scamp, I thought you would appreciate my strategy the most" Archforce replied in a disappointed tone. "Backup is on its way, all we need to do is keep the Autobots at bay until they arrive."

"But we're all worn out and tired mighty Archforce! We can't fight them much longer!" Scamp replied.

Archforce was obviously angry, very angry. "Enough of your whining! We're going back!"

The Decepticons then headed back for the battlefield.


On the battlefield, something arises from below the ground. It's a drill tank, something that was used quite frequently in Minchiva's past. The drill tank transformed into a humanoid shape.

The drill tank spoke. "Alright, the charges have been placed, now we just need to . . ."

A voice interrupted him "You mean these charges?"

The second robot had made a small pile of little disks beside him. Although in robot mode, it was obvious that this being also had the ability to drill.

"You lousy Autobot! It took me hours to place those!" replied the first drill tank robot.

"Sorry Drill Master, I guess this just isn't you're day" replied the robot who removed the charges.

"You've always had it out for me haven't you Nosecone?" Drill Master replied.

Another robot appeared behind Nosecone, who then knocked him unconscious with a swift blow to the back of the head.

Archforce re-appeared on the planet's metal surface and yelled, "Decepticons attack!"

The Decepticons then engaged the Autobots once again in battle. This Archforce was very powerful, and obviously very determined to win.

After firing a few blasts another robot approached Archforce.

"What is it Relay? Can't you see I'm in the middle of battle?" a very angry Archforce asked.

Relay was paused for a moment, then he spoke "Archforce, the reinforcements have been intercepted by another team of Autobots, they're not coming."

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