Chapter 17: Arrival at an Alien World

It was quiet, very quiet. The silence was that of death.

Images of his past started to fill Blackie's mind. He saw himself playing outside while his parents were making dinner. Suddenly giant ships appeared in the sky, ships that where large enough to block out the sun. They began firing at each other, but many of the exploding projectiles missed the other ship and explosives began hitting the ground. Seemingly everyone ran out of their homes to see the chaos. Stray bombs hit all around the village, causing Blackie to run for his home crying. He saw his mother trying to run out to save him, but just before she could a stray projectile hit their home. The explosion destroyed his home and all those in it. Blackie's mother was sent flying helplessly by the explosion, fatally injuring her. Helpless, he then huddled up by his mother, crying. She was too weak to even to move, and died with her only living family member in her arms.

Now, images of recent events filled Blackie's mind. He saw himself in the cryogenic lab, with his friends. There was a brief moment of happiness, then of dread. He saw each one of his near death experiences flash before him. Eight? Had there really been eight in just a matter of weeks? Why and how could this be? Images of the alien creatures invading his planet answered his question. Then, seemingly out of no where a voice said, "I still have one life left."

Now Blackie felt himself being pulled, as if going backwards through a tunnel. When the sensation had stopped, he saw before him a giant crevasse. Across the crevasse, two silhouettes stood. They gradually became clearer, until he know what they were. Yes, they were definitely his parents.

A voice came from his father "Blackie my son, in your own words, you have one life left. You truly are a survivor."

Then his mother spoke "They're all gone now Blackie, you're the only one who can save our home now. Be strong."

Their messages were brief, and before Blackie could say anything he once again found himself in darkness. Only this time it was different. His senses seem incredibly heightened. Then he realized he was in his cryogenic chamber, awake. ''How can this be?" he thought. An overwhelming sense of being awake filled him; it was beyond science, but also beyond a doubt. He then started seeing through the various cameras on the ship. He saw many bodies, including that of Sando. The control panel was smashed, and an alien creature helplessly tried to pilot the ship. Blackie thought, "If only I could open the hatches on the ship . . . " Blackie thought was interrupted when the hatches of the ship suddenly opened, sucking out all of the bodies on the ship, and with them a helpless alien creature. The hatches shut as soon as the creature had been removed. "Incredible, it would seem that I can control anything in the ship with just a thought." With only his mind awakened from cryogenic sleep and nothing else, Blackie's extra sensory perception seemed to increase exponentially.

Blackie checked the coordinates of the ship. "Unknown 236? A ship this size should have never made it here, even if it did fall through a wormhole. I must've been asleep for a . . .." Images of the ship's journey while he slept went through his head. Images of the alien portal used to send the ship to the coordinates of the unknown planet flashed by. "Incredible, the aliens have been able to harness the very elements of time and space and bend them to create some sort of artificial worm hole. There still may be a chance to save home if I haven't been gone too long. I'll never survive the alien threat like this or with no army to come back with me, maybe something planet side can help me."

As miraculous as his situation was, he felt just a twinge of excitement with each thought. His sole, like his body, felt as if it was frozen. However, he knew what he must do about the alien threat on his world. He proceeded to observe the alien planet below him while the ship was cloaked.


A war rages on the metal planet . . .

A purple and black camouflage robot yelled to other robots "Cyberjets, Skyscorchers, concentrate on Superion!"

A giant robot, much bigger than the rest of the robots towered over the battlefield. Blue, red, gold, and black were the colors that made up his rather silly looking color scheme.

Seven jets circled around him.

"Hit his eyes!" said a voice that came from the blue jet.

"I'm trying!" yelled the green jet.

Superion then swatted jet like a fly and it helplessly fell to the ground.

"Terradive!" one of the six other jets yelled.

They hit this "Superion" many times, but one by one he destroyed each one of the jets.

"Horri-Bull, Carnivac, Squeezeplay, take care of those Autobot cars!" yelled the purple and black camouflage robot. It was now apparent that this was their leader.

Three of the metal beings changed their forms. The robots became animals then proceeded to attack several vehicles.

"Seekers, help the Skyscorchers and Cyberjets take down Superion!" yelled their leader.

Many of the robots became pyramids and jets. They began attacking the giant just as the other jets had attacked him.

The purple and black leader shot randomly at other warriors on the battlefield not occupied by the giant. Suddenly, through all the chaos came a heavily armed vehicle. At the sight of it, one of the robots yelled to his leader "Mighty Archforce, Autobot reinforcements have arrived!"

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