Chapter 15: The Invasion Continues

"Okay, we've joined with the second wave of ships, battle formation 14" Micrisk ordered.

The M.A.D. Fleet took its positions, and prepared to fire.

"This is it, we've got to push their lines back into space before the full fleet arrives. If we can't hold them there, we'll never have enough time to get our fleet off the ground or get the escape shuttles off the planet" Micrisk stated with eagerness.

Micrisk and the M.A.D. fleet fought vigilantly and were able to take down many ships of the alien fleet, just barely enough to push them back into the outer atmosphere.

"This is Micrisk to General Kran, are you there?" Micrisk asked.

"Yes Micrisk, I read you, what's the situation?" the General responded.

"We've lost a lot of ships, far more than we should have, but the line finally moved. I would suggest you move the other fleets into orbit behind us, then send up the evacuation shuttles" Micrisk informed him.

"There's no time for that, we need to send the evacuation shuttles now!" the General said on edge.

"General, if we don't send up the other fleets behind us there is no way any of the evacuation shuttles will make it anywhere." Micrisk began to plead "Sir, we've lost too many lives as it is due to a lack of planning, let's do it right this time."

The General sighed. "Since you're on the front line, I'm going to have to take your word on that. However, if you're wrong . . ."

Micrisk interrupted. "If I'm wrong, then there won't be anyone left to correct me."


At the Minchivan Military Base

"Are the ships ready to go up?" General Hakkar asked General Kran via the communications console.

"Yes, but the flag ship is still grounded near the Cryogenics lab. You'll have to bring up the fleet without it, and it'll join you as soon as possible" responded General Kran.

"Very well, send messages to the active nine fleet carrying ships to ascend and provide cover for the escape shuttles" General Hakkar said.

Immediately, all ships were informed of the situation, then began ascending into space.

Just then, an urgent message was received by the communication's console, but it was nearly covered in high amounts of static.

"This is Commander Micrisk, the line is . . ." the static had momentarily became to great. "The line is broken! I repea . . ." The communication ended, the static was too strong.

General Kran shouted, "Pull back the escape shuttles now!"

"It's too late for that, they're beyond communications range!" General Hakkar shouted back. "General, you know what we've just done?"

Kran responded "I know, we've just sent half of our planet's population to die."


At the Cryogenics lab

Sando glanced out the window. "Someone is coming in a shuttle craft!"

"Finally! We certainly have waited long enough!" said Hush, one of the scientists.

"Wait a minute, what's that noise?" Blackie asked. It was coming from outside.

"That's probably just more gun fodder going off," Gridy said.

"No, I don't think so." For the first time Blackie disagreed with Gridy, but didn't mean to anger him. "Listen, there it is again!"

"I hear it too!" Sando said as the noise got louder and louder.

"Look! There it is!" Gridy said as he pointed out the window. A ship was about to crash land, right into the building.

"Everyone, brace yourselves!" Sando shouted.

Every scientist in the lab grabbed onto the heaviest objects they could find, and waited for what felt like minutes. In actuality, it was only a few seconds until they heard . . . BOOM! The alien ship had crashed into the lower half of the building.

When the dust had cleared, a few of the scientist were missing. Rubble was strewn everywhere.

"Where's Blackie?" Sando asked. Some of the scientists then found him under a pile of rubble.

"Are you okay Blackie?" Sando asked him. "You look pretty badly injured, I don't know how you survived."

"Just lucky I guess, especially for a black cat" Blackie replied with a slight grin on his face.

"We'll never make it out alive! The aliens have entered more of the building, which at any moment could collapse!" shouted Gridy.

"Well, we're going to have to try!" Blackie shouted as he stood up. "Gather your things, we're getting out."

"Where the heck are we going to run to? There are aliens all over the place" Gridy sneered.

"To the Victory Arrow, the ship that communicated with us earlier" Blackie replied. "We'll make a run for it!"

Blackie began to lead the others out of the door. His energy and their eagerness to leave the building were enough to convince them to follow. The fact that the building was about to collapse removed all doubt that escape was necessary. However, once he got to the third floor the scientists discovered that aliens were now penetrating more of the building. One of them turned around and saw Blackie and the other scientists. The alien jumped at Blackie, causing him to fall. It then tried to crush his head, but Sando hit the creature in the head with a metal suitcase he was carrying. Blackie turned to him trying to say thank you, but Sando yelled at him "look out!"

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