Chapter 13: The Apocalypse Begins

The inhabitants of Minchiva had begun evacuation efforts. Military forces were flying shuttles into the middle of streets and picking up anyone who passed by. There wouldn’t be much time.

Finally, a shuttle landed near the cryogenic lab. The streets were filled with those trying to board the shuttle.

"This is shuttle 583. We’ve crammed the shuttle but there are still hundreds more out in this area. That’s not to mention the large number of military forces here."

A transmission was returned. "Well, the closest ship is the Victory Arrow, we’ll pull it above your location and you can make a few trips.

The shuttle pilot was perplexed. "The Victory Arrow? But isn’t that th-"

"The mother ship, I know. It’s the nearest ship and the main attack hasn’t started yet. We have no other option. I want to save as many as possible," said the responding voice. The pilot wouldn’t have recognized it, but the voice was Formate's.

He was finally able to implement the plan he hoped he would never have to. Unknown to Formate, the full-scale attack was about to begin. Hundreds of alien ships had already landed undetected by the weak signals of the radar stations. Military sectors were all reporting to main headquarters leaving those on the outskirts of towns in the dark. They were waiting, waiting unknowing for their deaths.


Somewhere on Minchiva, a small family on the outskirts of their town waits for Military Police to arrive. A mother sits on a couch as her daughter draws a picture to pass the time.

"Hey mommy, wanna see my drawing? Mommy?" No response. "Mommy, you’re not looking at my picture. Are you okay? What’s wrong?" still no response. "Wake up!"

The little girl approached the couch, then began tugging on her mother's clothes.

"Mommy, wake up! Daddy, come down here, something is wrong with mommy!"

"Please mommy, wake up!"

Piercing through the silence of the town, and little girl's scream was heard. Silence returned, but only for a brief moment. Hundreds of alien infantry ships landed all across the area. Minutes later, the town was filled with the four legged aliens, no life was safe.


In the mother ship of the Minchivan fleet, the Victory Arrow, the counter attack was about to begin.

"Why didn't the attack begin sooner? We knew they are coming, we and a hundred others knew that they landed. The planetary defense army saw what they were capable off. What in God’s name were we waiting for?" Formate yelled at the General.

"We didn't think they’d send so many advanced troops under out noses. Up until now our units were able to take care of the situation manually" General Hakkar responded.

Formate tried to continue. "You didn’t think that-"

The General cut him off. "Need I remind you that if the attack started earlier, we wouldn’t be able to attempt any rescue efforts? The same rescue effort that you yourself organized?"

General Hakkar seemed calm. He needed to be. The situation at hand was something they had never dealt with before. Aliens were attacking in odd patterns. The only thing they knew about the alien attackers was what they looked like, and that the original creature that attacked them was sent to them to lead the rest of the aliens to Minchiva.


At the Cryogenic lab . . .

By now, the general area surrounding the cryogenic lab was filled with infantry aliens.

"Do you think they’ll be able to get in?" Sando asked a security guard that came up the elevator with Gridy.

"No, not for a long while at least. We should be safe until a shuttle arrives" the security guard told Sando.

Blackie entered his input. "Well, if Gridy tries to make another escape attempt, we may all be doomed."

Gridy growled, unable to think of a response.

"Well, the best we can do is return to our work until help arrives. Let’s start by backing up all data on the network" Sando suggested.

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