Chapter 12: Evacuation

"General! General! I think I've got a way to reactivate communications systems!" shouted Tarc, the communications official. "It's a primitive method of bouncing signals off of our atmospheric layers, but it should work."

"Do it. If it works, I want you to send out a message saying that evacuation efforts will begin" General Hakkar told her.

Tarc then sent out a message. "If anyone is receiving this message please reply. Repeat, if anyone is receiving this message please reply."

A voice replied "This is communications operator Zarian. How is it that you are sending this message? Communications con..."

Tarc cut him off. "That doesn't matter right now, what's important is the current situation. Were there and how many aliens have exited the ships near your location?"

"Yes, a ship landed due south of this location, but no aliens have exited. No one has gotten near the ship either" Zarian informed him.

"This is General Veratan of the South Eastern Army. The situation is the same here," said another voice over the com system.

General Hakkar then took over the com system. "If you haven't already, you need to evacuate all civilians immediately. Stay alert for further communications."


At the Cryogenics Lab

"That's it, I'm going home" said Gridy. "Who's with me?"

A few gathered around him. Everyone was anxious to return home since no one had been allowed to in the past couple of hours.

"We can't leave! Those creatures are out there, we have no idea when or where they'll attack next!" Sando shouted.

"Let him go if he wants" Blackie said. "No matter what happens he'll be doing us all a favor by leaving."

Gridly simply growled and led the few that wanted to follow out of the building. More joined him as he went down each floor in the elevator. Gridy punched in the security code to open the doors. However, when the doors opened, a surprise was waiting.

"Back in the building, back in the building!" Gridy shouted.

Gridy ran to the elevator as the aliens grabbed those who tried to close the main doors. They were torn apart instantly as three aliens got inside the building before the doors could be shut. As many as could fit ran into the elevators. Gridy called the security office as the elevator traveled up through the building.

"Close off the first floor, we've got a serious break in" Gridy shouted.

The aliens would have a hard time breaking through the first floor protective doors.

"We're safe for now" Gridy said.

"No thanks to you" said one of the cryogenic lab security guards that ran into the elevator with him.


At the military base

"Another ship landed, and a hundred more are probably on their way" said Tarc

"Probably? I don't like this one bit. We have a huge planetary army; we should be able to just wipe these things out. All these aliens had to do was knock out communication and radar relays, and now we're helpless. Have ground units destroyed the shuttle yet?" General Hakkar asked.

"Yes, but it infantry aliens inside killed about a hundred people before we even knew it landed" Tarc responded.

"No more waiting. Make sure all grounded defense systems are active, and all military crafts are up in the air. We'll have passenger shuttles carry up any civilians that haven't been evacuated yet to the nearest air born ships. Start the attack the instant you see any alien ship" the General ordered.

Drastic action would need to be taken, for General Hakkar had waited too long. The full-scale attack was soon to begin. Production of the newer weapons would have to continue on board the ships and in the bases themselves.

"Communications Official Tarc, I want you to get me in contact with General Kran of the Southern M.A.D Fleet. We're going to need air defenses, a lot of them" General Hakkar ordered. "While you're at it, get me the status of the evacuation shuttles in the area, we need one to fly down to the science center in the next town."

"Will do General" C.O. Tarc said.

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