Chapter 11: War

At the military base . . .

"What's the status on the communication relays?" Formate asked the communications specialist.

There was a momentary pause then the soldier said, "Their signals are all being blocked by something we can't identify, most likely the aliens."

Formate was shaken. "I'm going to report to General Hakkar"

Just then four soldiers entered the room, behind them, General Hakkar.

"I figured since communications where out I'd report to all of my commands personally. Now, just what did you want to report?" the General asked.

Formate reported. "The aliens, they are more than we could have expected."

"How so?" the General asked.

Formate continued "First they sent one alien, most likely a scout that had been on the exploratory shuttle for over a month. Then an alien fleet appears, seemingly at full speed, then they teleport near our planet and start blocking communications. Apparently only a few of the ships have this warp technology, but we have no idea how many. Do you think it's about time to bring out the big ships?"

The General took a deep breath. "I'm afraid you're right, but one thing you were wrong about" he said turning his back.

"What do you mean?" Formate asked with a very puzzled look.

The General then looked over his shoulder "The aliens didn't teleport near our planet, they landed."

Formate immediately hit the alarm "All soldiers to their stations. We're on full alert, and I want all weapons and ships up in 10 minutes," he yelled into the announcement system. "Come on General, I'll take you to the locations of the super ship" Formate said in reference to the fleet carrying ships.

"I told you not to reactivate them, and under any other circumstances, you'd get a dishonorable discharge" the General said sternly. "Thanks for not listening to me. Oh, and by the way, I need you to check in with the team I've sent to the Exploration Center. I'm sure they have the situation under control, but I want you to make sure."

Formate then headed to the "Exploration and Extra-Planetary Development Center" after he had outfitted his team with new equipment.


When Formate arrived at the Center, he found the previous military team surrounding the building. He met with the other team leader, Sare.

"I've sent in a few soldiers, and the rest are out here just making sure nothing comes out" Sare informed Formate.

"I'm taking my team, I want you to stay outside and continue what you were doing" Formate told Sare.

Formate led his soldiers into the building. The soldiers filled the halls looking for anyone who might still be alive. "Over here!" a soldier yelled. The soldiers then heard rounds of ammo being fired. Two of Sare's team members we fighting an alien who appeared severely injured. Formate's soldiers then assisted Sare's soldiers and killed the alien.

"Woo hoo! That's the last of 'em" one of the soldiers said. "Now lets go find the rest of the team."

The findings were disappointing. Bodies lay everywhere and everything in the building seemed to be destroyed. They saw two other soldiers carrying a body with them. "Lote's dead, but the rest of us are okay. We've killed three of these aliens so far, and I think that's it."

"A few others just killed a fourth alien" Formate told him.

"Hmm, then there could be more" the soldier said. No sooner after he said that a sharp metal spike passed through his head. He died instantly, and the body he and his friend were carrying fell down the stairs.

"Let's get the hell out of here" Formate yelled.

All the living soldiers were able to make it out of the building; the last two barricaded the door by putting their guns across the handles.

"Level it now" Formate told Sate. All the soldiers then threw their explosives at the building and activated the pre set explosives.

As the building came down, the soldiers watched. There was no possible way any one or anything inside could have survived. Or was there? An alien stumbled out of the rubble from the building. The soldiers were able to bring down the creature with ease.

"I guess we're done" Formate said.

Sate looked at Formate. "Fat chance, over a dozen other ships have landed. We'll have to check on each one their landing sites."

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