Chapter 10: Unplanned Events

At the department of "Exploration and Extra-Planetary Development"

"This can't be right" Maygier said to himself. "Damn, I better call General Hakkar."


At the military base General Hakkar was informed by one of his soldiers that there was someone who needed to talk to him. "It's Maygier from the Exploration and . . ."

The General cut him off. "I know who he is, just patch me into his signal."

The soldier then set up the General's communication console.

"General, I have an urgent message for you. It seems some ships in the fleet have advanced faster than we previously thought."

"What the heck do you mean?" General Hakkar asked Maygier.

"Well, these ships at their current speed will arrive in just a matter of hours" Maygier told him.

"But how? Nothing can move that fast."

"They appear to be using some kind of warp technology. Possibly wormholes or something we've never seen before. Apparently they were trying to trick us so they could catch us off guard" Maygier speculated.

"That's a lot of uncertainty. One thing is certain though, if they're sending a fleet this size at us they're definitely hostile. I'll get all available weapon systems online" the General assured him.

"Wait a minute, a few of the shuttles just disappeared from radar"

"Do you think they can cloak their ships?"

"Unlikely, or they would've just sneaked up on us," said Maygier. "Wait a minute, I think I just found out why ships disappeared off radar, let me check"

The General became impatient. "What is it?"

"Oh dear God!" was all that was heard through the communication's console.

All the troops listening to the communication were silent as the General yelled into the console. "Maygier? Maygier!" Communications had been cut off.

"I want a small group of you to report Exploration building." "You!" Formate said pointing to one of his communications officer. "I want you to establish connections with every satellite and communications relay station and organization."

"Right away sir!" the soldier responded.


At the building of "Exploration and Extra-Planetary Development"

Maygier was hiding underneath his desk. He had just seen the body of one of his companions thrown by the room he was in. How could creatures so merciless and evil even exist? Maygier slowly tried to get up. The sound of damaged electronic equipment sparking. He grabbed the nearest blunt instrument he could find, an extra metal pipe that protected wires for the buildings computers. Maygier only wanted it to feel safe, but he was going to run. Ever so slowly and quietly he stepped out of the doorway. The creature was to the left in the next room looking for more life. This was his chance. Maygier stepped out of the room, and he found to his horror that another alien was just down the hallway. The alien's back was to him, so crept away from the alien down the hallway. He only needed to make it to the stairway at the end of the hall and he would be safe. Suddenly, Maygier could no long hear the aliens stirring. He turned his head slowly and looked at the alien creatures. Oh God! Terror streaked throughout his body. One of the aliens had seen him! Maygier ran with all his might dropping the metal pipe. He hesitated to pick it up, then ran until the aliens had him backed into a corner. With all his might he hit one of the aliens in the head several times, but it only phased the alien for a second. It held Maygier in the air looking at him for a second, as if to say his end was near. Then the alien thrust its hand through him. Maygier was killed instantly.


At the cryogenic lab, Blackie and Sando finish up their lunches as the other scientists come back to the lab.

Sando wiped his mouth and stood up. "Before anyone goes back to work I want the different teams to report their status to me."

The head team members grabbed their notes and lined up around Sando.

Just then an urgent news report came on. "This is Sargent Formate. I'm here to inform you that there is an alien threat far greater than we know we can handle. We should be able to handle the situation, but I'd like to ask everyone to stay off the streets. If you are at work or at home, you must stay where you are. I'll report back to you every hour to let you know if it is safe to return to your homes.

Ah great, what do we do until then? Blackie asked.

"If I were you I'd run outside" Gridy suggested. Blackie tried to attack Gridy but Sando held him back. "That's enough you two. Since we can't do anything about the situation so we'll just have to keep working. Back to your stations everyone."


At the military base . . .

"What's the status on the communication relays?" Formate asked the communications expert.

There was a momentary pause then the soldier said, "Their signals are all being blocked by something we can't identify, most likely the aliens."

Formate was shaken. "I'm going to report to General Hakkar"

Just then four soldiers entered the room, behind them, General Hakkar.

"I figured since communications where out I'd report to all of my commands personally. Now, just what did you want to report?" the General asked.

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