Chapter 1: Minchiva

On a planet so distant from Earth it would seem unreachable even with the most vivid of imaginations, a somewhat peaceful race of aliens exists. These beings rarely rise up against one another even in the most extreme of controversies. The beings that inhabit the planet strongly resemble what humans would know as felines, but they have obviously humanoid forms.

Even though they are at peace, they have a planetary army with weapons that easily dwarfs the power of those on Earth. For those who are willing they have relatively easy access to spacecraft that allow them to explore the Universe, but they always return home despite what other worlds they find. However, this sometimes leads unwanted visitors such as hostile alien races to their planet due to the apparent hi-technology of its inhabitants, hence the army.

The inhabitants call their world "Minchiva."


Inside the building of "Exploration and Extra-Planetary Development" on Minchiva, a team of scientists excitedly awaits the arrival of one of their best explorers. He claims to have found a new world, teeming with life with an atmosphere identical to that of their home world.

"Our young explorer shall be returning in a few days" said the head scientist.

"Lets just hope his finds are as great as he claims, or else the committee will have our heads. This trip cost us far too much money and the committee is a angry enough as it is" remarked his partner Maygier.


The next few towns over is another major scientific research center. The "Genetic Research and Preservation Organization" specialized in finding more info about the biological make-up of the inhabitants of Minchiva and how numerous conditions affect them. Their latest major project was perfecting the art of cryogenic suspension.

In order to assist in their most recent studies is a new batch of scientists and engineers who were world renowned for their great strides in other aspects of genetic research.

"Well, we've been able to stabilize our tissue samples in cryogenic suspension, but we still can't manage to re-animate them without severe frost bite occurring through out the entire sample within a 10 hour period. That's why you've called all of you here. You will all be placed with the existing cryogenic teams and they will bring you up to date with their studies." This very militaristic authority was the head of the cryogenic research committee.

The scientists eagerly joined the other scientist in an almost snobbish manner. They quickly began asking for notes and various other questions regarding their studies.

"One more thing, I've also assigned a general engineer to help you with the mechanical aspects of cryogenics. His name is Blackie, he's going to help build your cryo-tanks and repair your broken equipment. That is all" finished the head of the cryogenic committee.

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