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Robot mode Car and tank modes

Function: Warrior

"Where there's smoke, there's me."

Transformation: Red, gray, and black hover car and tank

| Strength 6 | Intelligence 8 | Speed 10 | Endurance 6 | Rank 3 | Courage 9 | Firepower 6 | Skill 8 |

Her friends gave her the name "Diamond Fire" after an ancient terran fire truck company because she was "fire engine red and carries a flame-thrower." Diamond Fire was built by Dark Star from previously unused designs of Rapido's sister, stolen by Ruse from the Autobots. Dark Star built her in order to aid in his war against the alien race responsible for destroying his solar system. Diamond Fire is grateful to Ruse for saving her designs and Dark Star for building her body and is always willing to side with them. She is currently under their training to perfect her knowledge of ninjitsu.

Diamond Fire possesses incredible speed and agility which shows in battle. In robot mode she carries a grenade launcher/flame thrower and utilizes to kill or injure enemies with an eerie calmness even during the heaviest battles. For long range battles Diamond Fire can utilize a shield and face mask for added protection. She only uses her martial arts training in the rare occasion that she has a face-to-face confrontation with her enemies.
Due to the fact that she uses super-conductive electromagnetism instead of wheels, Diamond Fire's speed in vehicle mode doesn't change even on the roughest terrain. Her speed remains fast enough to break the sound barrier. She can utilize her wings to fly over water or gain a higher altitude. In tank mode, Diamond Fire can utilize the full power of her weapon to fire virtually any kind of ammo. Diamond Fire also forms the right arm of Razer.

Ruse told Diamond Fire about LONAC and his friends and she agreed to join. For a brief period she left to join her Autobot brother Rapido in the war against the Decepticons. During a great battle she nearly died but LONAC came to her aid. Dark Star rebuilt her tattered body and made her a triple changer in the process. She rediscovered her love of LONAC and once again became a member.

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